Enrolling Your Windows 10 Device

1. Switching over to Windows 10 VM

At the top of the screen, select the _ icon to minimize the VESC server

1.1. Open Windows 10 #1 VM

Double click and launch the Win-10-1.rdp icon on the ControlCenter desktop

1.2. Launch Google Chrome

Double click Google Chrome shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop

We will now enroll our Windows 10 device in AirWatch.  First, we will need to download the AirWatch Agent.

From a new tab in the browser, if not opened already,

  1. Enter "https://www.awagent.com" in the navigation bar and press Enter.
  2. Click Download.
    NOTE - Please wait while the AirWatch Agent installer finishes downloading.  
  3. Click Keep when warned about the AirWatchAgent.msi download.
    NOTE - If you do not see the warning about the AirWatchAgent.msi file, skip this and continue to the next step.

2.1. Launch the AirWatch Agent Installer

Click the AirWatchAgent.msi file in your download bar.

NOTE - The installer may take a few seconds to launch, please be patient after clicking the AirWatchAgent.msi file.

2.2. Ignore Windows SmartScreen

Due to Firewall restrictions, Windows SmartScreen won't be available in the lab network.  Click Run to continue.

2.3. Install Additional Required Features

If any required features are missing, you will be prompted that the installer will install them for you.  Click OK to continue.

2.4. Click the Additional Features Installer

The additional features that need to be installed will begin, click the flashing installer icon from your bottom toolbar.

2.5. Allow the Additional Features To Be Installed

Click Yes when asked if you wish to allow the application to make changes.

NOTE - You may see the installer pause while this process completes.  Please be patient, the installer when continue when it is finished.

2.6. Accept the Default Install Location

Leave the default install location and click Next.

2.7. Accept the License Agreement

  1. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement".
  2. Click Next.

2.8. Start the AirWatch Agent Install

Click Install to start the installer.

2.9. Allow the AirWatch Agent to Make Changes

Click Yes when prompted if you should allow the AirWatch Agent to make changes.

2.10. Complete the AirWatch Agent Installer

Click Finish to complete the AirWatch Agent installer.

NOTE - After clicking finish, the Native Enrollment application will launch to guide you through enrolling into AirWatch.  If it does not show up immediately, wait a moment for the next prompt to appear.

2.11. Allow the NativeEnrollment Application to Make Changes

Click Yes when asked if you want to allow the NativeEnrollment app to make changes.

3. Enroll Your Windows 10 Device Using the AirWatch Agent

Click Server Detail.

3.1. Find your Group ID from AirWatch Console

Finding your Group ID

Back in the AirWatch console (on the VESC Server or open a new tab on your Windows 10 VM)

  1.  To find the Group ID, hover your mouse over the Organization Group tab at the top of the screen. Look for the email address you used to log in to the lab portal.
  2. Your Group ID is displayed at the bottom of the Organization Group pop up.

NOTE - The Group ID is required when enrolling your device in the following steps.

3.2. Enter the Server Details

  1. Enter "v92.airwlab.com" for the Server Name field.
  2. Enter Your Group ID for the Group ID field.  If you forgot your Group ID, check the previous steps on how to retrieve it.

3.3. Enter Your User Credentials

  1. Enter "testuser" in the Username field.
  2. Enter "VMware1!" in the Password field.
  3. Click Next

NOTE - Wait while the server checks your enrollment details.

3.4. Finish the AirWatch Enrollment Process

Click Finish to end the Enrollment process.  Your Windows 10 device is now successfully enrolled into AirWatch.