Device Posture and Real-Time Compliance

VMware AirWatch assesses device posture by evaluating, locally enforcing, and remediating devices using the compliance engine, a VMware AirWatch tool that ensures that all devices abide by specified policies. A policy can include basic security settings or more critical security configurations.

  1. Click Groups & Settings.
  2. Click All Settings.
  1. Click Devices & Users
  2. Click Windows
  3. Click Windows Desktop
  4. Click Windows Health Attestation
  5. Select Override for the Current Setting
  6. Verify that Secure Boot Disabled is Checked under the Compromised Status Definition section is checked.

3. Configure Health Attestation

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Save

4. Close Settings

  1. Ensure the Saved Successfully prompt is displayed.
  2. Click the Close (X) button to close the Setting window.


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