RoomFinder app with SDK Enhancements

Now that we have integrated Room Finder app with AirWatch Android SDK, we will take a quick tour of the app to validate those enhancements.

1. Build Project

Build Project
  1. From the Build options, select "Rebuild Project".
  2. Navigate to "Gradle Console".
  3. Confirm that you see the message "BUILD SUCCESSFUL".

2. Run the application on the Android Device

Run the application on the Android Device
  1. After a successful build, click on the icon to Run the Application.
  2. Select the Android device connected to your USB. (Note: This screenshot may differ depending on the device which is connected to your USB).
  3. Click "OK" to install the app on the device.

3. Setup Passcode

Setup Passcode
  1. Notice the passcode complexity at the bottom. This is configured using a SDK profile setup within AirWatch admin console.
  2. As soon as the application is launched, you will see an authentication prompt. Enter "1111".
  3. Confirm the passcode as "1111".
  4. Click on "Submit" to continue.

4. Fetch URL using Custom Settings

Fetch URL using Custom Settings
  1. On the Login screen, notice how the URL is auto-populated. This URL is parsed from the custom settings payload of SDK profile configured within AirWatch Admin console.

5. Integrated Authentication

Integrated Authentication
  1. Notice how you could login by just hitting the Login button. Your enrollment credentials are automatically passed as authentication credentials on a whitelisted domain of Exchange. This is configured in the integrated authentication payload of the pre-configured AirWatch SDK Profile.


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