Introduction to VMware Workspace ONE AirLift

VMware Workspace ONE AirLift is a fully supported server-side connector that simplifies and speeds the customers journey to modern management. Workspace ONE AirLift bridges administrative frameworks between Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Workspace ONE UEM. This bridge allows the customer to focus on moving co-management workloads and applications to the appropriate platform without redefining device and group memberships. Workspace ONE AirLift provides seamless adoption of co-management benefits and eases the transition on a collection by collection basis addressed toward particular use cases.

Why Co-Management?

  • As customers move to modern management, traditional PCLM tools are challenging
  • Not every customer is 100% at Windows 10, and cannot take advantage of modern management
  • Legacy Windows desktop Operating Systems (OS's) and Server OS’s need to be managed
  • Most companies have had SCCM in place for over 20 years and it is deeply embedded into business systems
  • Not easy to just “rip off the band-aid”
  • May need SCCM to get to Windows 10
  • May need SCCM to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Can enroll devices into Workspace ONE UEM with SCCM
  • Typical hardware refresh cycle is 3-5 years

Workspace ONE AirLift

Workspace ONE AirLift allows the administrator to map their existing SCCM device collections to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups. Workspace ONE AirLift dynamically monitors the device collections and keeps both platforms consistent. Workspace ONE AirLift leverages Workspace ONE UEM tags to add devices to smart groups after enrollment. These tags use a naming scheme with the prefix ‘co-mgt’ to clarify the source of the membership. This process is referred to as ‘collection mapping’ and is accomplished in the Workspace ONE AirLift console. You can remove mappings once transition is complete or leave the mappings in place if co-management is the intended goal of the implementation.

Workspace ONE AirLift allows you to create a SCCM enrollment application by providing a blueprint and the software needed to configure and create the Workspace ONE enrollment application in SCCM. Simplify and accelerate Proof of Concepts’s, pilots, and production implementations by providing collection mapping and streamlined enrollment with Workspace ONE AirLift.

Workspace ONE AirLift also provides the means to export applications from SCCM to Workspace ONE UEM. You can then deploy and manage applications from the Workspace ONE platform. Workspace ONE AirLift provides validations so you aware of any additional configuration applications may need.

A co-management dashboard provides a visualization of the transition and indicates the progress for devices and applications. The dashboard also displays top co-management workloads to show customers what functionality Workspace ONE AirLift uses on the co-managed devices along with an enrollment history and percentage complete within SCCM collections.

Before you can use Workspace ONE AirLift to bridge SCCM to Workspace ONE UEM, you must meet the prerequisites and requirements.

  • Workspace ONE UEM  9.5+
    • Admin with API Access & REST API Key
    • Device Services, Console, API URLs
  • SCCM 2012 R2+
    • SCCM Account with at Least Read-Only Permissions (e.g. Read-Only Analyst)
    • Additional access needed to create Enrollment App from AirLift (Optional)
    • SCCM Account must be Remote Management Group (WinRM)
    • SCCM Site Code
    • SCCM Device Collections with Active Windows 10 Devices
  • AirLift VM (Recommend Small Dedicated VM with Good SCCM Connectivity)
    • Windows Server 2012 R2+ or Windows 10
    • 2 CPU Core and 4 GB RAM
    • AirLift Installer will Download & Install SQL Express and MongoDB
    • Installer will Securely Configure for Use Only by AirLift
    • AirLift will Create Two Services that Run under ‘Network Service’

For more details regarding Workspace ONE AirLift requirements refer to the Workspace ONE AirLift Requirements section in the VMware Workspace ONE AirLift Admin Guide.


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