1. What is Factory Provisioning for Workspace ONE?
    • Factory Provisioning for Workspace ONE is a  configuration service, which enables you to ship devices preconfigured with apps and configuration in the OEM factory directly to end-users or IT. The service provides users with a ready-to-work experience on first boot and minimizes downtime with Zero Touch Restore capability, which enables apps and management to persist if a device needs a PC reset or recovery.
  2. What pain or problem does this new service solve?
    • The traditional approach to prepare a PC for work is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Your IT admins build, maintain, and update your organization’s golden image(s), and then apply the image manually to a new PC or when re-imaging an existing PC. This can take hours per PC. The problem of imaging only gets more complicated as organizations seek to support multiple device types with different drivers and to support the Windows update servicing model that delivers a new version of Windows twice a year instead of every 3 to 5 years.
  3. What versions of Windows 10 can you select to apply?
    • You can select from the three latest versions of Windows 10 that Microsoft supports.
  4. Does this service support Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, or both?
    • Both versions are supported.
  5. Which Dell hardware devices are supported?
    • Latitude
    • Precision
    • OptiPlex
    • XPS notebooks
  6. How is this different from Windows 10 Provisioning Powered by VMware Workspace ONE?
    • Released in October 2017, Windows 10 Provisioning powered by VMware Workspace ONE is a cloud-based provisioning service that loads the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in the Dell factory. Apps and settings are applied once the user powers on the device.
  7. How does this compete or complement Dell ProDeploy client suite?
    • Factory Provisioning will be a standalone, Dell configuration service at launch, and you can purchase complementary configuration services, such as asset tagging. If you want to continue to do traditional imaging, you can leverage Dell's standalone imaging services or ProDeploy. If you want to use imaging services and Workspace ONE for management, you can include the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in the image you provide to Dell. Dell and VMware are working to provide the option within the ProDeploy suite of imaging or provisioning services.
  8. Is the Dell File Transfer Application(FTA) tool secure?
    • Yes, it is a secure file transport. However, make sure that you keep your configuration file secure because it contains username/password information. Never send this file in an unsecured way. 


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