Cascade Mode VMware Tunnel on UAG - vSphere 6.5

1. In this workshop you will complete a multi-tier deployment of VMware Tunnel on UAG 3.0 using the vSphere 6.5 Client to deploy the servers and configuring settings in the UAG Admin UI (REST Interface.

2. Login to vSphere Web Client

  1. Go to https://vc.corp.local
  2. Enter username "[email protected]"
  3. Enter password "VMware1!"
  4. Click Login

3. Deploy OVF Template

  1. Click on 'VMs and Templates' icon
  2. Right Click on the domain 'vc.corp.local'
  3. Select Deploy OVF Template to launch the deployment wizard

4. Upload OVF File

5. Admin UI Login

Browse to

Click Show Advanced

Accept Security Excepion and Click Proceed to (unsafe)


6. Login to Admin UI

  1. Enter 'admin' for username
  2. Enter 'VMware1!', the password created for the Admin API in Deploy OVF Wizard
  3. Click Login

Note: If the login fails, log on to UAG with root accoutn and run the commands below to reset the password. If the commands are not successful, you must redeploy the server and recreate the password. .

7. Enable Edge Service - VMware Tunnel

8. Enter the Required Settings Information

AirWatch API Hostname:

API Username: [VLP Email Address]

Password: VMware1!

Group ID:

Server Hostname: {Enter the hostname for this server as configured in VMware Tunnel settings}

Click Save


9. Export Settings

10. Deploy Back End UAG Server

Complete setps 1-6 to deploy another server in vSphere, update the IP address to:


11. Select Configure Automatically


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