Manage Horizon Desktop with Workspace ONE

Open the Workspace ONE UEM Console

We will be doing the next few steps in the Workspace ONE UEM Console

The following steps should be done on the Main Console desktop.

Add a Device Profile

  1. Click on Devices
  2. Click on Profiles & Resources
  3. Click on Profiles
  4. Click Add
  5. Click Add Profile

Add Profile

Click on Windows

Select Device Type

Click on Windows Desktop for device type.

Select Context

Select Device Profile for context

Add Details for the Profile

  1. Click on General
  2. Under Name enter Desktop Background
  3. Select All Corporate Dedicated Devices for the target Smart Group

Add Profile - Personalization

  1. Scroll down on the left side
  2. Select Personalization
  3. Click Configure

Update the Personalization Profile

  1. Click on the Upload button next to Desktop Image
  2. Click the Choose File button
  3. Browse to C:\tools\images
  4. Select vmware.jpg
  5. Click Open
  6. Verify vmware.jpg is listed as the file to add
  7. Click Save

Save Profile

  1. You will notice that vmware.jpg is listed as the Desktop Image.
  2. Click Save and Publish

View Device Assignment

  1. Notice that Jim's desktop is targeted to receive the device profile
  2. Click Publish to send the profile down to the device

Review Device

  1. Click on Devices
  2. Click on List View
  3. Click on the link for Jim's Desktop

Verify the Profile was sent to the Device

  1. Click on Profiles
  2. Notice that the Desktop profile we created has been pushed down to Jim's desktop.  

Open Horizon HTML Access

  1. In Chrome - Click the VMware Horizon bookmark
  2. Click on VMware Horizon HTML Access

Login to HTML Access as Jim

  1. Enter Jim as username
  2. Enter VMware1! as the password
  3. Click Login

Connect to Horizon_WSO Pool

Click on the Horizon_WSO desktop pool.

Verify the Desktop Profile was pushed

Notice that the desktop background was pushed down to the endpoint.  The Horizon desktop is now managed by Workspace ONE UEM.  

In this module we did the following:

  • Prepare a system for Horizon
  • Created a command line enrollment method
  • Created a manual pool in Horizon
  • Connected to the manual pool and enrolled to Workspace ONE
  • Created a device profile to customize the desktop
  • Pushed it down and validated it was received on a device

This module was a brief walkthrough of managing Horizon 7 desktops with Workspace ONE UEM

To learn more about managing Windows 10 with Workpace UEM take the following labs.

  • HOL-2051-09-UEM - Getting Started with Workspace ONE UEM
  • HOL-2051-10-UEM - Advanced Topics with Workspace ONE UEM
  • HOL-2051-11-UEM - Desktop Management with Workspace ONE UEM



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