This module contains the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - Overview of RDSH Farms
  • Lesson 2 - Create an RDSH Farm
  • Lesson 3 - Configure Load Balancing for Horizon Farms

Horizon Apps

Today, end users are more mobile and productive than ever with the need to access their Windows apps alongside their SaaS and web applications, from their personal or business devices. In this new mobile cloud world, managing and delivering services to end users with traditional PC-centric tools has become increasingly difficult. Data loss and image drift are real security and compliance concerns. And organizations are struggling to contain costs.

Horizon Apps provides IT with a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage Windows applications while containing costs and ensuring that end users can work anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Built on JMP, the VMware next-gen desktop and application delivery platform, Horizon Apps securely publishes Windows apps in the data center and delivers end users all their apps including virtualized applications, apps packaged and isolated with VMware ThinApp, SaaS apps, and mobile apps in one unified digital workspace on any device, anywhere. Leveraging the power of JMP, IT can deliver Just-in-Time apps to streamline management, reduce costs, and easily maintain compliance. These applications can be accessed by end users with the efficiency and flexibility that business demands.

Just-in-Time App Provisioning with Instant Clones Technology

JMP technologies include VMware Instant Clones technology and VMware App Volumes, which dramatically reduce infrastructure requirements while enhancing security. Now you can deliver brand new personalized desktop and application services instantly to end users every time they log in. Here are just a few of the benefits: 

  • Spin up brand new RDS hosts in about 2 seconds, easily and elastically supporting peak demand.  
  • Enhance security by shutting down RDS farms daily/weekly, and easily and quickly spin up brand new hosts.  
  • Reduce storage and operational costs by up to 70 percent with App Volumes and one-to-many provisioning, which slashes the number of images managed by up to 95 percent.
  • With updated Cloud Pod Architecture, scale to over 50,000 RDS farms across 50+ sites with improved failover characteristics, in a fraction of the time of traditional application virtualization models.


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