Once the initial configuration of the Horizon Cloud has been completed, you are now ready to create your image.   The Image is what is used to assign your desktops.  This is also referred to as publishing a desktop.  In this lab, you will use an Interactive Simulation to walk through the image creation process.

This lab contains the following lessons:

  • Review template options below
  • Convert Imported VM to Image
  • Create an Image



The step is informational only, and no lab actions are required.

VMware Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud is a service that allows you to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications to users.  Desktops can be built with different configurations to suit the needs of your individual user groups.

A detailed description of the Service Description can be found in:

There are a few methods available to you for populating your tenant with virtual machine templates.

You can:

  • Receive a pre-packaged image from VMware.
  • Create an image from a template you receive from VMware.
  • Create an image from your own template.

Most customers leverage a template provided by VMware.  In this lab, we use a pre-packaged image supplied by VMware.

Custom Template - Horizon Agent

The step is informational only, and no lab actions are required.

If you choose to use your own template, there are a few things you must do to prepare the image for use in Horizon Cloud.

The process of building the template includes the following:

  • Run the Horizon Agent Installer
  • Configure VMware Horizon Smart Policies (optional)
  • Set up direct connection to desktop VMs (optional)
  • Optimize the display (optional). For template optimization, it is recommended that you use the VMware OS Optimization Tool

For details on creating a template, please see the Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud documentation.

Once you are done preparing your custom template, you can work with VMware to upload it to your tenant.