Introducing the Horizon Cloud Service

The VMware Horizon Cloud Service delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including fully managed infrastructure from VMware and public cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure. The service supports a cloud-scale architecture that makes it easy to deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to any device at any time. VMware offers a flexible subscription model that organizations can easily get up and running and scale quickly.

What Horizon Cloud Delivers

Horizon Cloud was built from the ground up to manage and deliver workspaces as a cloud service. Unique features of the service include:  

Premium End-User Experience  

  • Horizon Cloud delivers a superior end-user experience, with an interface that adapts to the device and is optimized to ensure the best possible user experience across the WAN and LAN.  

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility  

  • Choose the right combination of dedicated desktops, floating desktops, and hosted apps to best meet the needs of your business.  

Reduced Costs  

  • Reduce per-user costs by delivering shared desktops and apps with a personalized experience.  

Enterprise-Grade Service  

  • Gain peace of mind that your cloud environment is always available and secure with a guaranteed SLA and built-in security and support backed by VMware.
  • Access your desktop and applications from anywhere using any device. This includes thin clients, zero clients, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android devices, smartphones, Amazon Kindle Fires, and Google Chromebooks.

Unique Horizon Cloud technology

Horizon Cloud provides a cloud-based management layer hosted by VMware and designed to offer IT administrators a single pane of glass to unify the administration of virtual desktops and apps running either on managed public cloud infrastructure or hyper-converged infrastructure appliances sitting on-premises. Customers can use the cloud-control plane to configure desktops, apps, and policies for groups of users hosted on-premises. One key element of the Horizon Cloud technology is just-in-time (JIT) provisioning of virtual desktops and applications. Using the configurations made in the cloud control plane, Horizon Cloud leverages VMware App Volumes, User Environment Manager, and VMware Instant Clone technologies to assemble personalized virtual desktop and application environments when an end user logs in, giving IT administrators high flexibility in leveraging the infrastructure.


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