Lab Services and Credentials

All Hands-on Lab services will use the username CORP\Administrator and the password VMware1! unless specified otherwise!

Refer to the list of available Hands-on Lab services as needed:

Workspace ONE UEM Admin console


Credentials: User: Your VLP Email Address Pass: VMware1!

Workspace ONE Access

A SaaS Workspace ONE Access tenant has been generated for you for this lab.  

  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE UEM console using the credentials specified above
  2. From the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console, navigate to Content > List View
  3. Select and Download the vIDM Tenant Details for {your email address}.txt file
  4. Open the downloaded text file to find your SaaS Tenant URL.
  • URL: https://{yourTenantName}  (complete above steps to find your tenant URL)
  • Credentials: Domain: System Domain User: Administrator Pass: VMware1!

Windows 10 Virtual Machine

NOTE: You will need to RDP via the machines IP address after the machine name change

  • VM: Win10-01a
  • DNS Name: win10-01a.corp.local
  • IP Address:
  • Credentials: Default (User: CORP\holuserPass: VMware1!)
  • How To Access: Launch the Win10-01a.rdp from the Main Console desktop.

User Credentials

Credentials: User: HolUser Pass: VMware1!


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