Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE is a service offered by Dell for provisioning Windows 10 devices, leveraging the technologies in Workspace ONE. This service enables customers to provision Windows 10 devices, without having to create or maintain custom operating system images. Custom imaging is a complex and expensive process. By eliminating it, this service simplifies the provisioning process, bringing value to customers and taking Windows 10 into the era of modern device provisioning, powered by Workspace ONE.

When using this service, instead of using classic operating system imaging, customers package their enterprise applications and provisioning configuration (domain join, MDM enrollment etc.), and send it to Dell. The applications are installed, and the configuration is applied by Dell on the devices ordered by customers. After that, the fully provisioned devices, with customer apps installed are shipped to customers, ready for use by the end users out of the box. The devices are enrolled into Workspace ONE on user login, after which the ongoing management is done through Workspace ONE.


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