Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE Overview

Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE allows both Dell and VMware administrators to provide a virtually zero IT touch and virtually zero user downtime experience. Configurations, settings, and applications are preloaded at the Dell factory. Now, instead of waiting for apps and settings to download and apply, you can have a ready-to-work experience on first boot of the device. And if you need to perform a PC reset or recovery in the future, Zero Touch Restore functionality allows applications and management to persist, which minimizes downtime.

Packaging information for Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE is straightforward: just export applications from Workspace ONE UEM as a provisioning package (.ppkg) and complete a wizard to generate a configuration file (unattend.xml).

Note: To use Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, you must participate in Dell Configuration Services. To begin the Dell Configuration Services project setup, see Configuration Services and click Contact Us.

1. Supported Use Cases

The Workspace ONE UEM Console helps you build a standard unattend.xml configuration file to be applied in the Dell factory as part of Factory Provisioning. This controls Windows setup including domain join (domain, workgroup, Azure AD, Azure AD Premium), out-of-box experience (OOBE) modification, and automatic enrollment of devices automatically on first boot. The Workspace ONE UEM Console simplifies the creation of the unattend.xml configuration file for Windows 10.

Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE supports the following Active Directory (AD) Types (use cases):

  • Active Directory Domain Join - Ability to join the on-premises active directory domain. Device needs access to the domain when booting up for the first time in order to join the domain successfully.
  • Azure Active Directory Basic - Ability to join AAD without a premium license and still enroll into Workspace ONE UEM.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium - Ability to join AAD with the option of using Autopilot as well.
  • Workgroup - Enrolls device into Workspace ONE UEM using a local account.

See the following video demo to learn more about Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE:

2. Roles and Responsibilities

This hands-on lab focuses on the technical process of how to set up, configure, and validate Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE. However, this is just one part of the overall process. You should also note the following parties and their responsibilities:

  • Your Company - Installs Factory Provisioning Service (if on-premises), creates the configuration file (unattend.xml), and exports apps as a provisioning package (.PPKG). Verifies that these files work to satisfaction on a virtual machine or physical device, then uploads the files using Dell File Transfer.
  • VMware EUC Specialist - Interacts with Dell Sales, Dell SSE/SSR, and your company to reach readiness for Dell Factory Provisioning.
  • Dell Configuration Services - Engaged by Dell Sales applying the Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE SKU. Validates Workspace ONE Licensing, coordinates obtaining configuration files via Dell File Transfer. Verifies that configuration files are correct, then sends the order to Dell Factory.
  • Dell Factory - Applies configurations on devices and ships them to your company or directly to end-users.
  • End User - Unboxes devices, boots device with Internet access, logs in and is ready to work!  

3. Quick Checklist

The following checklist provides an overview of the entire process and what you need to complete as part of this project.

  • Ensure that Workspace ONE Factory Provisioning Service is installed (if Workspace ONE is on-premises)
  • Engage Dell Configuration Services team to start the project
    • Dell CS Project Manager reaches out and manages the process
    • Sign and Return Export Form
    • Dell File Transfer Link is Sent
  • Upload Apps to Workspace ONE Console (use AirLift if you have SCCM Apps)
  • Complete Provisioning Package wizard in the Workspace ONE UEM Console (Devices > Lifecycle > Staging > Windows)
  • Download and test PPKG and XML in your own environment
  • When fully validated, PPKG, XML, and PPKGFinalSummary.log are sent securely to Dell via Dell File Transfer Tool
  • Dell prepares the files in engineering for processing
  • Dell creates a quote with the new Configuration Services, Workspace ONE Facotry Provisioning custom SKU line item
  • Order Test Device


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