Staging Updates on the Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Before continuing, you will use a provided script that will:

  • Start the Windows Update service so that the Windows 10 Virtual Machine can report installed and available patches to Workspace ONE UEM after enrollment
  • Query the available updates available to the device

NOTE: In a production scenario, you would not need such a script to accomplish this.  However, the Hands-on Labs minimizes the number of running services for the best user experience, which is why you are running the script to start the necessary services and query updates to use for this lab.

1. Open Windows PowerShell

  1. Right-Click the Windows button
  2. Click Windows PowerShell (Admin)

2. Run Script to Stage Updates

  1. Enter C:\HOL\StageWindowsUpdates.bat and press ENTER to run the script.
  2. Wait until the script completes.  The last line will be usoclient.exe scaninstallwait, then the C:\WINDOWS\system32> prompt will display automatically when the script is finished running.

NOTE: The script may take several minutes to query the updates for the Windows Update service, please allow it to complete before continuing!


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