Identifying Devices at Risk Based On Violation of Policies

The Security Risk dashboards in Workspace ONE Intelligence gather reports on numerous device states and quickly identify high-risk devices. In this activity, you identity the devices that are violating passcode and encryptions policies through the Policy Risks dashboard.

1. Access the Security Risk Dashboards

In the Workspace ONE Intelligence console, under Dashboards, click Security Risk.

2. Identify Devices without Passcodes

  1. Click the Policy Risks tab to view the number of passcode-less devices detected in the past 30 days.
    Then, after you understand the scope of the issue, use automation to mitigate the risk. For example, you can create a rule to automatically move a passcode-less device to quarantine, or remove its access to corporate data.
  2. Scroll down.

NOTE: If you do not see any values listed for the Policy Risks, this is because the device compliance has not been checked yet.  Device compliance is queried approximately every 5 minutes, so you may need to click the Refresh button after a few minutes to see the Policy Risks for the newly enrolled Windows 10 device.

3. Identify Unencrypted Devices

This chart shows the total number of unencrypted devices identified on a daily basis by Workspace ONE Intelligence.

  1. Point to the data points for additional details about the number of devices per platform.
  2. Click View to obtain a detailed list of devices.
  3. Click Security Risk: Policy Risks to return.


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