Monitoring Patch Remediation

After you have enabled an action, you can monitor its execution in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console. In this activity, you walk-through monitoring the patch remediation action you just created.

1. Open Patch Remediation Action Logs

  1. To review the logs, click View on the Windows Patch Remediation (Spectre/Meltdown) action.
  2. Select the Activity tab. The log data for automation actions is displayed in this section.

2. Review the Activity Logs

The activity list shows the log data of automation actions taken per OS update. You can click each Target Identifier link to obtain the device details on each action.

3. Return to Workspace ONE UEM Console

Return to Workspace ONE UEM Console
  1. Click the Square menu icon.
  2. Click Workspace ONE UEM.

4. View Device Details

On Workspace ONE UEM Console you can validate the patch status change triggered by the Workspace ONE Intelligence Automation.

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click List View.
  3. Click the Device Name for your enrolled device.

5. Validate patch approval status

  1. Click Updates
  2. Enter KB4503308 in the search box and hit Enter.
  3. Look for the KB4503308, the status should be changed to Approved.


6. Open Windows Settings

From the enrolled Windows 10 machine that just got a patch approved, you can validate if Windows Update is downloading and preparing to install the approved patch.

  1. Click Windows Start icon
  2. Click Settings icon

7. Open Windows Update

Click Update & Security

8. Monitoring patch action on the device

NOTE - Click on Check For Updates if you are not seeing the option.

  1. From the Windows Update windows, you can follow the status (downloading, pending restart, installed) of all approved patches, some patches may require the restart of the machine.
  2. Click on X to close the Windows Settings Window.

9. Querying Device OS Updates Data

In the Workspace ONE UEM Console:

You can force the device to check-in and query the latest OS Updates details from the device by performing the following on the Device Details page:

  1. Click More Actions.
  2. Click OS Updates under Query.

9.1. Confirming Device OS Updates Query

  1. Click More.
  2. Click Troubleshooting.
  3. You will see logs noting Available OS Update requested when the task is triggered, and Available OS Updates confirmed when the details are reported.
  4. Click Refresh if needed to check the logs again for both events.


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