Hub Services Notifications

Hub notifications service is a robust, flexible cloud-hosted service designed to generate, and serve actionable, real-time notifications to your employees. Users can receive notifications in their Hub portal in a browser and the Intelligent Hub app on their devices.

Let's take a look at the type of notifications available with Hub Services

  1. New Apps Available - To announce that new applications are available is automatically generated in Hub Services. Users can select new apps and save them to their device from the notification message.
  2. Custom Notification - You can either use templates from the Custom Notification wizard or use the Notification API to create Custom Notifications. These notifications allow you to send reminders, send information, or call for actions on the enrolled devices.
  3. Notifications through Workspace ONE Mobile Flows - When the Workspace ONE mobile flows service is configured in Workspace ONE UEM environment, you can enable the mobile flows integration with Hub Services to receive notifications from business apps that are configured in mobile flows e.g., Salesforce, Concur, Coupa, etc.

In this section, we are going to create a Custom Notification using the wizard.

1. Launch Hub Services Configurations

Return to the Workspace ONE UEM Console in Google Chrome.

  1. Click the My Services button in the top right corner
  2. Click Workspace ONE Hub Services

2. Get Started with Notifications

  1. Click Notifications
  2. Click Get Started

3. Create Custom Notification

Click Create Custom Notification.

4. Define Custom Notification

Consider the scenario where we are going to create a notification to inform about an email outage. Notifications are particularly powerful in scenarios where you cannot use mass emails or other message broadcasting channels.

  1. Enter the name as Email Outage
  2. Select Target Audience as All Employees from the dropdown
  3. Select the Priority as High-priority
  4. Click Next

5. Add Content to the Notification

  1. Select the Template type as Informational since we are not expecting users to respond to this notification (which would be an Actionable template)
  2. Enter Title as Email Outage
  3. Enter Subtitle as IT Notification
  4. Enter a sample description to notify about the email outage
  5. Notice the Preview as you enter information about the notification
  6. Click Next

6. Review Summary

Review the Summary of the notification and click CREATE

7. Validate the Notification Status

It will take about 10 - 15 seconds to send the notification.

  1. Confirm that you see the status as Success for the Email Outage Notification you created in this section
  2. Once the notification is sent, click the Back to Workspace ONE UEM button


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