Explore Intelligent Hub App

In this section, we will explore Intelligent Hub App to validate the configurations we performed earlier.

1. View App Catalog and Promotions

  1. Tap the Apps tab to view the app catalog.
  2. Notice that the Workspace ONE Web app is promoted at the top of the app catalog due to the promotion page you configured in the Hub Services settings.
  3. Notice that Categories are automatically populated for you based on your available apps.  You can also specifically configure which categories an app applies to in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  4. Tap All Apps.

1.1. Install the Workspace ONE Web App

Users can view the full app catalog here.  In our setup, we only configured a single app as a demo.  As you configured and assigned more apps to your users, these apps would become available in the app catalog.

Tap Install for the Workspace ONE Web app.

1.2. Accept the App Install Notification

When about installing Workspace ONE Web, tap Install.

1.3. Confirm the Workspace ONE Web App Installed

Return to the device springboard and confirm that the Workspace ONE Web app installed successfully.

You have made the Workspace ONE Web app available to your users through the Intelligent Hub app catalog as an on demand app, allowing them to download it when they require it.  After the device is enrolled, this app will be automatically removed from the device thanks to the Remove On Unenroll restriction that was published with the device.  We will verify this at the end of the lab.

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2. View the Home Page

Return to the Intelligent Hub app and tap the Home tab. Notice that the configured page, https://www.vmware.com, loads for the user.

3. View Support and User Details

  1. Tap the Support tab.
  2. A list of enrolled devices for the user appears on the left, in this case, we only have one enrolled device. Tapping a device allow you to see the Device Details, such as when the device was last synced, and enrollment, compliance, and network details.
  3. The Contact fields can be configured to set your support phone number and email address so your users know how to get in touch with support in case they need assistance.
  4. Tap the User button.

4. View the Account Details

  1. Users can also view their account details, here we can confirm that the Test User account we enrolled with is a Basic Account and not a Directory Account.  They can also view notifications, and legacy and privacy details from here.
  2. Tap Done.


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