What is Unified Access Gateway?

VMware Unified Access Gateway™ is a security platform that provides edge services and access to defined resources that reside in the internal network. It acts as the security gateway for VMware Workspace ONE® and VMware Horizon® deployments, enabling secure remote access from an external network to a variety of internal resources. Unified Access Gateway supports multiple use cases:

  • Per-App Tunneling of native and web apps on mobile and desktop platforms to secure access to internal resources through the VMware Tunnel service.
  • Secure on-premises email infrastructure that grants access only to authorized devices, users, and email applications based on managed policies. This capability leverages the Secure Email Gateway service integrated with VMware Workspace ONE® UEM.
  • Access from VMware Workspace ONE® Content to internal file shares or SharePoint repositories by running the Content Gateway service.
  • Reverse proxying of web applications.
  • Identity bridging for authentication to on-premises legacy applications that use Kerberos or header-based authentication.
  • Secure external access to desktops and applications on VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ on Microsoft Azure, and VMware Horizon® 7 on-premises.
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When providing access to internal resources, Unified Access Gateway can be deployed within the corporate DMZ or internal network, and act as a proxy host for connections to your company’s resources. Unified Access Gateway directs authenticated requests to the appropriate resource and discards any unauthenticated requests, it also can perform the authentication itself, leveraging additional authentication when enabled.


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