Change the Source of Authentication

In this section, we are going to change the source of authentication from UEM to VMware Identity Manager. This one of the requirements to leverage Custom Notifications with Intelligent Hub, which we will configure in a later section. Changing this setting allows the Intelligent Hub to leverage VMware Identity Manager for authentication, instead of UEM.

In the UEM Console,

  1. Click on GROUPS & SETTINGS
  2. Click on All Settings
  1. Expand Devices & Users
  2. Expand General
  3. Click on Enrollment

3. Override the Current Setting

For the Enrollment Settings from the pop-up window,

  1. Ensure that you are on the tab Authentication
  2. Change the Current Setting to Override

4. Change the Source of Authentication

  1. Scroll down until you see the option for Source of Authentication for Intelligent Hub
  2. Select the option VMWARE IDENTITY MANAGER for Source of Authentication for Intelligent Hub
  3. Click SAVE

5. Close the Settings Window

  1. Ensure that you see the option Saved Successfully
  2. Click on X to close the Settings window.


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