Login to the Workspace ONE UEM Console

To perform most of the lab, you will need to login to the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console.

1. Launch Chrome Browser

Launch Chrome Browser

Double-click the Google Chrome shortcut from the desktop of the virtual machine you are currently connected to.

2. Enter your Admin Username for the Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console

Authenticate to the AirWatch Administration Console

The default home page for the browser is https://hol.awmdm.com. Enter your Workspace ONE UEM Admin Account information and click the Login button.

  1. Enter your Username. This is your email address that you have associated with your VMware Learning Platform (VLP) account that you logged into earlier to take Hands-on Labs.
  2. Click Next, then advance to the next step in manual to find the password to enter, which will always be VMware1!.

NOTE - If you see a Captcha, please be aware that it is case sensitive!

3. Authenticate to the Workspace ONE UEM Console

The password field will be displayed after entering your username.

  1. Enter VMware1! for the Password field.
  2. Click the Log In button.

NOTE - Due to lab restrictions, you may need to wait here for a minute or so while the Hands On Lab contacts the Workspace ONE UEM Hands On Labs server.

4. Accept the End User License Agreement

Accept the End User License Agreement

NOTE - The following steps of logging into the Administration Console will only need to be done during the initial login to the console.

You will be presented with the Workspace ONE UEM Terms of Use. Click the Accept button.

5. Address the Initial Security Settings

Address the Initial Security Settings

After accepting the Terms of Use, you will be presented with a Security Settings pop-up.  The Password Recovery Question is in case you forget your admin password and the Security PIN is to protect certain administrative functionality in the console.  

  1. You may need to scroll down to see the Password Recovery Questions and Security PIN sections.
  2. Select a question from the Password Recovery Question drop-down (default selected question is ok here).
  3. Enter VMware1! in the Password Recovery Answer field.
  4. Enter VMware1! in the Confirm Password Recovery Answer field.
  5. Enter 1234 in the Security PIN field.
  6. Enter 1234 in the Confirm Security PIN field.
  7. Click the Save button when finished.

6. Close the Welcome Message

Close the Welcome Message

After completing the Security Settings, you will be presented with the Workspace ONE UEM Console Highlights pop-up.

  1. Click on the Don't show this message on login check box.
  2. Close the pop-up by clicking on the X in the upper-right corner.


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