Scheduling Reports

After saving a report, you can use scheduling to automate data collection and collaboration. In this activity, schedule the Enrolled Devices report to run on a monthly basis.

1. Add a Report Schedule

  1. Click Schedules.
  2. Click Add.

2. Configure the Report Schedule

  1. Enter a Schedule Name. For example, Windows, Android and Apple Enrolled Devices.
  2. For Recurrence, select Monthly.
  3. For Day of the Month, select 1.
  4. For Starts At, enter 08:00 AM.
  5. For Ends, select a future date such as 06/30/2028.
  6. Click Schedule.

3. Confirm Report Schedule

  1. Click Schedules.
  2. Confirm that the schedule matches the parameters you defined.

4. Delete Report Schedule

HOL-2151-09-DWS - Workspace ONE UEM - Getting Started with the Digital Workspace - Lab Console - VMware Learning Platform - Google Chrome

To delete a schedule report:

  1. Select the report to be deleted.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Delete on the popup to confirm the action.


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