Un-enrolling Your Android Device

You are now going to un-enroll the Android device from Workspace ONE UEM.

NOTE: The term Enterprise Wipe does not mean reset or completely wipe your device. This only removes the MDM Profiles, Policies, and content which the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app controls.

NOTE: The Enterprise Wipe will NOT remove the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application from the device as this was downloaded manually before Workspace ONE UEM had control of the device.

1. Enterprise Wipe (un-enroll) your Android device

Enterprise Wipe (un-enroll) your iOS device

Enterprise Wipe will remove all the settings and content that were pushed to the device when it was enrolled.  It will not affect anything that was on the device prior to enrollment.

To Enterprise Wipe your device you will first bring up the Workspace ONE UEM Console in a web browser. You may need to re-authenticate with your credentials (your VLP registered email address and VMware1! as the password).

  1. Click Devices on the left column
  2. Click List View
  3. Click the checkbox next to the device you want to Enterprise Wipe

2. Find the Enterprise Wipe Option

Find the Enterprise Wipe Option
  1. Click More Actions
    If you do not see this option, ensure you have a device selected by clicking the checkbox next to the device
  2. Click Enterprise Wipe under Management

3. Enter your security PIN

Enter your security PIN.

After selecting Enterprise Wipe, you will be prompted to enter your Security PIN which you set after your logged into the console (1234).

  1. Enter 1234 for the Security PIN. You will not need to press enter or continue, the console will confirm your PIN showing "Successful" below the Security PIN input field to indicate that an Enterprise Wipe has been requested.  

    NOTE: If 1234 does not work, then you provided a different Security PIN when you first logged into the Workspace ONE UEM Console.  Use the value you specified for your Security PIN.

NOTE: If the Enterprise Wipe does not immediately occur, follow the below steps to force a device sync:

  1. On your device, open the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application.
  2. Tap This Device.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click Sync Device. This will force the device to check in to Workspace ONE UEM to be notified that it should be unenrolled.  Wait a moment a see if the command is processed, if not, skip to step #4.
  4. Tap Enrollment.
  5. Tap Unenroll Device. This allows you to process the Unenrollment command from the device manually.

NOTE: Depending upon Internet connectivity of the device and responsiveness of the lab infrastructure, this could take a couple of minutes or more if there is excessive traffic occurring within the Hands On Lab environment.

4. Confirming the Device was Un-Enrolled (Console)

  1. Click the Refresh button on the Device List View screen.
  2. Check if the device is showing Unenrolled for the Enrollment status.  If not, continue to refresh the page until the device shows as Unenrolled.

NOTE: Depending on internet connectivity of the device, this could take a couple of minutes.

5. Confirm the Device was Un-Enrolled (Device)

On the device, notice that the badged apps are removed after the device is unenrolled and any configurations pushed to the device after enrollment has been removed.


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