Enroll a macOS Device

In this exercise, you enroll a macOS device into Workspace ONE UEM. Enrollment is the action that brings a device under management and control by Workspace ONE UEM. There are a number of ways to enroll the various platforms (macOS included), but for this exercise we cover a basic enrollment scenario.  

This enrollment flow is considered User-Approved per the functionality introduced in macOS High Sierra.

1. Begin macOS Enrollment Process

Begin macOS Enrollment Process
  1. Enter hol.awmdm.com in the Email or Server Address field
  2. Click Next

Note: The Enrollment Wizard may take a small amount of time to launch based on the capabilities of the hardware or Virtual Machine. If you do not see the Enrollment Wizard immediately, be patient and wait for it to appear.

2. Find your Group ID in the Workspace ONE UEM Console

Finding your Group ID

 Return to the Workspace ONE UEM Console,

  1. To find the Group ID, hover your mouse over the Organization Group tab at the top of the screen. Look for the email address you used to log in to the lab portal.
  2. Your Group ID is displayed at the bottom of the Organization Group pop up.

NOTE: The Group ID is required when enrolling your device in the following steps.

3. Enter Enrollment Server Details

Enter Enrollment Server Details
  1. Enter your Group ID. This was documented in the previous steps titled Retrieve Your Group ID.
  2. Click Next

4. Enter Enrollment Credentials

Enter Enrollment Credentials
  1. Enter testuser for the enrollment username.
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password.
  3. Click Next 

5. Enable Device Management

Enable Device Management

Click Next to enable device management.

6. Install Device Manager Profile

Click Install.

7. Install Profile for User-Approved Enrollment

Click Install.

8. Enter Administrative Credentials for Profile Install

Enter Administrative Credentials for Profile Install

When prompted, enter the credentials for the macOS device.

  1. Enter administrator for the username.
  2. Enter VMware1! for the password.
  3. Click OK.

9. Quit Profiles Preference Panel

Click the Close button (red dot) to close the Profiles panel.

10. Acknowledge Privacy Policy

Click I Understand

11. Acknowledge Analytics

Click I agree

12. Quit the Enrollment Wizard

Quit the Enrollment Wizard

Click Done when the installation completes.

13. Validate Mac Enrollment

Follow the next steps to verify that the Mac has been successfully enrolled.

Validate Mac Enrollment

In upper-right corner:

  1. Note the Workspace ONE icon in the menu bar. Click the icon to view the menu.
  2. Note the menu shows your device as Enrolled.

14. Key Takeaways

  • Agent-based macOS enrollment is streamlined and intuitive.
  • Workspace ONE UEM supports a number of enrollment methods for macOS devices: web-based, agent-based, staged (pre-installed agent), enrollment on-behalf, and enrollment using the Apple Device Enrollment Program.
  • Agent logs can be collected directly from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.  This eases helpdesk troubleshooting by allowing end-user to quickly send diagnostic information to helpdesk and/or administrative users.


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