Creating a User Profile for macOS

User Profiles are typically used to control settings that apply to the enrolled user. User profiles can include items such as Email configurations, web clips (URL shortcuts), credentials (certificates), and content filtering settings.  In this exercise, we create restrictions for system preferences panes for the enrolled user on this machine.

1. Add a macOS User Profile

Add an macOS User Profile

Return to the workstation where you are taking this Hands-on Lab.  In the Workspace ONE UEM Console:

  1. Select Add.
  2. Select Add Profile.

NOTE: If you navigated away from the Profiles & Resources screen, you can return by navigating to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles.

2. Select Profile Platform

Select Profile Platform

Select Click on the macOS icon.

3. Select the Profile Context

Select the Profile Context

Select the User Profile icon.

4. Profile General Settings

Profile General Settings

Configure the profile as follows:

  1. Click on General if it is not already selected.
  2. Enter macOS User Dock in the Name text box.
  3. Ensure the assignment type is set to Auto.
  4. Click in the Smart Groups field. This will pop-up the list of created Smart Groups. Enter All Devices and select the All Devices ([email protected]) group.

Note: You do not need to click Save or Save & Publish at this point. This interface allows you to move around to different payload configuration screens before saving.

5. Select the Dock Payload

Select the Restrictions Payload
  1. Search for Dock in the Profile search bar.
  2. Select Dock
  3. Click the Configure button.

6. Configure the Dock Payload

Configure the Restrictions Profile
  1. Change the Dock Size to be smaller then the default size.
  2. Change the Dock Position to Left
  3. Click Save & Publish

7. Publish the User Profile

Publish the User Profile

Select the Publish button.

8. Verify the User Profile

Verify the User Profile

You should now see your macOS User Dock User Profile within the List of the Profiles window.

Note: If you need to edit the Profile, this is where you would return in order to do so.

9. Validate Applied Profile

Return to the enrolled macOS device.

Validate the Dock has changed size and moved to the left side of the screen.


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