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Integrating Automation and Workspace ONE UEM API

In this section, we will integrate Automation with Workspace ONE UEM API.

1. Access All Settings

Access to settings
  1. Click Groups & Settings
  2. Click All Settings

2. Enable Workspace ONE UEM API

In this step you will obtain the API Key for your Tentant and later use on Workspace ONE Intelligence Console, to keep that information we recommend you to open Notepad on your Windows Desktop and copy/paste the API Key there, you can also just copy using CTRL+C, but reminder that right after this step you will be using the API Key value, see below the steps on how to obtain the API Key.

Obtaining REST API Key
  1. Click on System
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. Click on API
  4. Click on REST API
  5. Click Override, that will generate a new API Key and is required to Override the Customer OG when integrating with Workspace ONE Intelligence
  6. Select the API Key field for the AirWatchAPI service
  7. Right-click and select Copy
  8. Click Save
  9. Click X to close the pop-up window

4. Save API Key

  1. Click the Search button
  2. Type Notepad to search.
  3. Click Notepad from the list of results.

4.1. Paste the REST API Key

  1. Right-Click within Notepad then click Paste.
  2. Confirm the full REST API Key you copied from the Console pasted.  

You will use this REST API key for future steps.  When necessary, open your Notepad file and refer to the token that is pasted here for easy access.

5. Return to Workspace ONE Intelligence Console

Return to Workspace ONE Intelligence Console
  1. Click the My Services button in the top-right corner of the Workspace ONE UEM console
  2. Click Workspace ONE Intelligence
  1. Under Settings, click Integrations
  2. Click View for the Automated Connections option

7. Setup Workspace ONE UEM Connector

Setuping the Connector

Click Set Up for Workspace ONE UEM.

8. Provide Credentials for Workspace ONE UEM Connector

Set the connector properties
  1. Click Provide Credentials.
  2. Enter for the Base URL.
  3. Enter your VLP Email Address for the API User Name. This is the same email address you used to login to the Workspace ONE UEM console in previous steps.
  4. Enter VMware1! for the API User Password.
  5. Paste the REST API Key you saved to Notepad from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  6. Click Authorize.

9. Validate Successful Authorization

Sucessfull integration

You should see the Status change to Authorized, which confirms the integration was completed successfully.


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