Reviewing the INI Files for Deployment

There are two INI files available and pre-configured with all settings for deployment needed for this exercise. In this chapter, you will review the configuration.

uag-HA1.ini contains all the settings to deploy an instance named UAG-H1, and a second file named uag-HA2.ini will deploy an instance named UAG-H2.

1. Opening the INI files

A INI file containing all the configuration settings is required to deploy the Unified Access Gateway appliance using PowerShell deployment.

In this exercise, you use the uag-HA1.ini and uag-HA2.ini files to deploy two Unified Access Gateways, one named UAG-HA1 and the other named UAG-HA2. Each Unified Access Gateway will have two NICs, where NIC one is Internet-facing and NIC two for backend and management.

Editing UAG-2NIC.ini
  1. Click the File Explorer icon on the task bar.
  2. Click Desktop.
  3. Click UAG Resources.
  4. Select both the uag-HA1.ini and uag-HA2.ini files, then right-click.
  5. Click Edit with Notepad++ to open both files.

2. Reviewing the IP address assigned to each Appliance

Note that distinct ip0 and ip1 address are used in each configuration file. The IP addresses are the only difference between the two appliances that you will be deploying, everything else remains the same.

It's important to review and make sure ALL the settings are configured identically, including the edge services on all appliances that will be part of the cluster. 

INI files


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