How to leverage Event Notifications

Now we have an Event Notification for the Device Enrollment event. This notification can act as a trigger to perform some automation tasks. Depending on your use-case, these automation tasks can be anything e.g. update the device inventory to a third-party database, notify a third-party application or service that device is now managed by Workspace ONE UEM to initiate a custom workflow.

Let us observe some of the additional information that we receive from this Event Notification.

Observe the json payload

  1. Use the scroll bar to scroll to the right.
  2. Observe the attributes such as SerialNumber and MACAddress

There are a lot of device attributes which are posted as a part of an Event Notification. These attributes can be readily used as data points for the custom automation.

Hence, the Event Notification are not only triggers for the events but also a useful data source for related attributes.


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