Create an Event Notification

In the last section, we created a HTTP listener. We will be using the URL to create an event notification in Workspace ONE UEM Console. There are many events which would trigger an event notification. But for this lab, we will be focussing on Device enrollment notification i.e. receive a notification with all the related details when a device is enrolled with Workspace ONE UEM console.

  1. Click on GROUPS & SETTINGS
  2. Click on All Settings

2. Add a rule for Event Notification

  1. Click System
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click API
  4. Click Event Notifications
  5. Click Override
  6. Click ADD RULE

3. Enter the details

  1. Enter Target Name as the group ID you retrieve earlier. NOTE - The Target Name must be unique across all organization groups.
  2. Enter Target URL as the one created in the previous step. NOTE - It should be copied in your clipboard if you followed the steps in the previous article.
  3. Enter Format as JSON

4. Test Connection and Save

  1. Scroll down (If needed) until you see the button for TEST CONNECTION.
  3. Ensure that you see Test is successful
  4. Select ENABLED for Device Enrollment
  5. Click SAVE

5. Close Settings

  1. Ensure that you see the event notification you created.
  2. Scroll down if you do not see the SAVE button.
  3. Click SAVE
  4. Ensure that you see the confirmation Saved Successfully
  5. Click X to close the Settings Pop-up window.


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