QR Code configuration in the Console

  1. Click Devices
  2. Click Staging & Provisioning
  1. Click Configure Enrollment
  1. Click Android
  2. Click configure
  1. Click QR Code
  2. Click Configure
  1. Enter your Wi-Fi SSID
  2. Enter your Wi-Fi Password
  3. Click Next
  1. Select "Use latest Workspace One intelligent Hub"
  2. Click Next
  1. Click Enabled for Configure Organization Group
  2. Select your Organization Group
  3. Click Enabled for Login Credentials
  4. Enter your User Name
  5. Enter your Password
  6. Click Next
  1. Click View PDF

A new tab will be opened with your enrollment QR code contaiing your configuration. If you do not download the file, there is no way to go back and retrieve the QR code.


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