Android Enterprise Profiles

In this section, we are going to create Android Enterprise profiles to ensure proper usage of devices and protection of sensitive data. Profiles serve many different purposes, from letting you enforce corporate rules and procedures to tailoring and preparing Android Enterprise capable devices for how they will be used.

IMPORTANT - If your device is enrolled with Android Enterprise, then ONLY Android Enterprise profiles will take effect on the device, Android device profile will NOT take effect.

1. Verify Restrictions

Restrictions profiles provide a second layer of device data protection by allowing you to specify and control how, when and where your employees use their devices. The Restrictions profiles lock down native functionality of Android Enterprise devices and vary based on device enrollment.

1.1. Create a New Profile

Create a New Profile

Back in the AirWatch Console:

  1. Click Add
  2. Click Profile

1.2. Select the Android Platform

Select the Android Platform

Click Android

1.3. Select the Android Enterprise Configuration Type

Click Android Enterprise

NOTE - We are selecting the Android Enterprise configuration here because we want to modify the Android Enterprise functionality, apps, and restrictions on the enrolled device.  If we wanted to modify the unbadged apps or base Android functionality, we would select 'Device' here instead.

1.4. Configure the General Settings

  1. Ensure the General payload is selected.
  2. Enter "AE Restrictions" for the Name field.
  3. Select Assigned Group(s)

1.5. Configure Restrictions

Configure Restrictions
  1. Click the Restrictions payload.
  2. Click Configure.

1.6. Configure Screen Capture Restrictions

Configure Screen Capture Restrictions

Uncheck the Allow Screen Capture checkbox.

1.7. Configure Camera Restrictions

Configure Camera Restrictions
  1. Scroll down to find the Applications section.
  2. Uncheck the Allow Camera checkbox.
  3. Click Save & Publish

1.8. Verify the Android Enterprise Camera Restrictions

Verify the Android For Work Camera Restrictions

On your device, notice that after we push the profile your device will no longer have the badged camera application available but your personal side (unbadged) camera will still be available for usage. This shows the camera restriction that we applied on the AirWatch profile created previously.

1.9. Screenshot in a non-badged app

Verify the Android for Work Screen Shot Restriction
  1. Open your non-badged Contacts apps.
  2. Take a screen shot (Power button and volume down / Power Button + Home Button at the same time for 2 seconds).

Notice that the screen shot was successful.

1.10. Verify the Android Enterprise Screenshot Restriction

Verify the Android for Work Screen Shot Restriction
  1. Open the badged Contacts app.
  2. Attempt taking a screen shot within the app and notice that it is not allowing you to take the screenshot and flashing a toast message depending on the device model and OS version.

This shows the screenshot restriction that we applied on the AirWatch profile created previously.


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