Work Managed Enrollment Methods

Work Managed Device mode gives AirWatch control of the entire device.

There are several ways to enroll Work Managed devices: using AirWatch Relay to perform NFC bump, using an AirWatch Identifier or token code, or scanning a QR code. Your business requirements determine which enrollment methods you will want to use.

1. AirWatch Relay

AirWatch Relay is an application that passes information from parent devices to all child devices being enrolled into Android for Work. This process is done through and NFC bump and provisions child devices to:

  • Connect to the parent device to Wi-Fi network and region settings including the device date, time and location.
  • Download the latest production version of AirWatch Agent for Android.
  • Silently set the AirWatch Agent as device administrator.
  • Automatically enroll into AirWatch.

AirWatch Relay allows you to bulk enroll all child devices at the same time before deploying them to end users and eliminates end users from having to enroll their own devices. All child devices must be in factory reset mode and have NFC enabled by default in order to be enrolled as Work Managed Device for Android for Work. This helps ensure that devices are not set up for personal use.

2. AirWatch Identifier

The AirWatch Identifier enrollment method is a simplified approach to enrolling Work Managed devices. You will enter a simple identifier, or hash value, on a factory reset device. After the identifier is entered, the enrollment is automated pushing down the AirWatch Agent. The user only has to enter server details, username and password.

Along with the identifier, you can also enroll on behalf of the end user by doing Single-User Device Staging. This method is particularly useful for administrators who set up multiple devices for an entire team or single members of a team. Such a method saves the end users the time and effort of enrolling their own devices.

3. QR Code

Devices such as tablets do not support NFC, so these devices cannot use the AirWatch Relay enrollment method which requires NFC bump.

QR code provisioning is an easy way to enroll a fleet of devices that do not support NFC. The QR code contains a payload of key-value pairs with all the information that is needed for the device to be enrolled. QR Code enrollment does not require a managed Google domain or a Google account. You should create the QR code before starting enrollment. You can use any online QR Code generator, such as Web Toolkit Online, to create your unique QR code. The QR code should include the Server URL and Group ID information. You can also include the username and password or the user will have to enter their credentials.


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