This section will cover some key takeaways for you to remember before ending this lab.

Requirements and Optional Add-ons for AirWatch School Manager

AirWatch School Manager requires the following software and hardware:

  • AirWatch version 8.4 Feature Pack 4 or greater.
  • Apple devices running iOS 9.3 or greater.
  • All Devices must be supervised.
  • All Devices must have beacon capabilities.
  • AirWatch School Manager utilizes the Apple Classroom application
  • Apple Push Notification Services must be configured in your AirWatch environment and allowed on your network/firewall/etc.

You may also extend your AirWatch School Manager functionality by leveraging the following programs:

  • Apple's Device Enrollment Program
  • Apple's Volume Purchase Program
  • LDAP or Active Directory Integration


Typical Uses for AirWatch School Manager

AirWatch School Manager is designed to let organizations leverage Apple's Classroom application in organizations that are not eligible for Apple School Manager.  Some typical use cases are as follows:

  • Educational institutions (such as daycares or continuing/career-oriented educators) which may not be eligible for Apple School Manager.
  • Businesses with formalized onboarding/training programs that wish to leverage a digital classroom.
  • School systems that ARE eligible for Apple School Manager but with a significant fleet of devices that do not meet the minimum requirements (e.g. 32GB) to use Apple School Manager.
  • Organizations using AirWatch Teach/Learn applications looking to migrate to Apple's Classroom app.

For More Information

For additional information on AirWatch School Manager, please speak with your Account Executive or refer to the documentation on MyAirWatch.


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