Introduction to Workspace ONE AirLift

VMware Workspace ONE AirLift is a fully supported tool to help ease the migration from traditional PCLM (PC Lifecycle Management) management with SCCM to modern management with Workspace ONE UEM.

Why Co-Management?

  • As customers move to Modern Management, traditional PCLM tools are challenging
  • Not every customer is 100% at Windows 10, and cannot take advantage of Modern Management
  • Legacy Windows desktop Operating Systems (OS's) and Server OS’s need to be managed
  • Most companies have had SCCM in place for over 20 years and it is deeply embedded into business systems
  • Not easy to just “rip off the band-aid”
  • May need SCCM to get to Windows 10
  • May need SCCM to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Can enroll devices into Workspace ONE with SCCM
  • Typical hardware refresh cycle is 3-5 years

Workspace ONE AirLift

Workspace ONE AirLift has the following features:

  • Has detailed monitoring information on progress of enrollment and modern management
  • Runs as a web service and keeps SCCM and Workpace ONE in Sync
  • Allows mapping between SCCM device collections and Workspace ONE UEM Smart Groups
    • Uses Tags in Workspace ONE UEM to map devices and groups to SCCM Collections
  • Allows migration of applications from SCCM to Workspace ONE
  • Allows enrollment of devices into Workspace ONE by creating SCCM deployments
  • Has detailed logging information

Pre-Requisites for AirLift

  • Clean Windows operating systems which is Domain joined to the same Domain as the SCCM server
    • Windows 10 and Windows Server tested
    • 2 CPU and 4 GB RAM
  • SCCM 2012R2 or later
  • SCCM permissions required
    • Read Only Analyst for basic functionality
    • Privilege to create and deploy SCCM applications in order to build and deploy a custom enrollment application
    • At least one SCCM Device Collection with at least one Windows 10 client
  • Workspace ONE 9.5 or later






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