Logging In to the vSphere Web Client

To perform most of the exercise, you need to log in to the vSphere Web Client.

1. Launch Chrome Browser

Launch Chrome Browser

Double-click the Chrome browser on the desktop.

2. Authenticate to the vSphere Web Client

Authenticate to the vCenter vSphere Web Client

The default home page for the browser is https://vc.corp.local/vsphere-client/?csp which displays the image shown. You can enter the URL or select the shortcut icon for the vSphere Web Client on the bookmarks bar.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser from your desktop and click the bookmark for vSphere to go to https://vc.corp.local/vsphere-client
  2. Enter username [email protected]
  3. Enter password VMware1!
  4. Click Login.

After completing the login, you are presented with the vSphere Web Client.


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