Create and Configure the vIDM Connector

In the VMware Identity Manager Administrator Console,

  1. Click Identity & Access Management.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Connectors.
  4. Click Add Connector.

1. Generate the Connector Activation Code

  1. Enter Lab for the Connector ID Name.
  2. Click Generate Activation Code.

1.1. Copy the Connector Activation Code

  1. Double-click the Connector Activation Code textbox to select the code.
  2. Right-click and click Copy.
  3. Click OK.

2. Activate the Connector

To activate the VMware Identity Manager Connector, navigate to the connector hostname over port 8443.  For this lab, this will be at https://vescsrv-01a.corp.local:8443.

  1. Click the Options button
  2. Click New Tab
  3. Enter https://vescsrv-corp.local:8443 and press Enter

2.1. Accept the Security Certificate Error and Proceed

Since a custom SSL certificate was not provided for our Connector, a security certificate error stating the certificate is not trusted will appear.  For this lab, we will continue with using the generated, un-trusted certificate.

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Click Proceed to vescsrv-01a.corp.local (unsafe)

2.2. Continue with the VMware Identity Manager Appliance Setup Wizard

Click Continue

2.2.1. Create the Administrator Account Credentials

  1. Enter admin for the Username, if not already populated
  2. Enter VMware1! for the Password
  3. Enter VMware1! to confirm the password
  4. Click Continue

2.2.2. Paste the Activation Code

  1. Right-Click inside the Activation Code textbox and click Paste to paste the Activation Code we copied from the previous step when creating the Connector
  2. Click Continue

NOTE: While the page loads and refreshes, do you close or manually refresh the page until you see the Setup is Complete screen shown in the next step!

2.2.3. Confirm the Setup Completed

When the configuration has saved successfully, you should see the Setup is complete page.  Continue to the next step this screen is displayed.

3. Verify the Connector Activated

Back in the VMware Identity Manager Console,

  1. Click the Refresh button in the browser.
  2. Click Identity & Access Management.
  3. Click Setup.
  4. Click Connectors.
  5. Confirm that the Connector now shows the Hostname as vescsrv-01a.corp.local and the Worker named Lab.

This confirms that you have successfully setup and installed the VMware Identity Manager Windows Connector.