Export IdP Metadata from the IDP IDM Tenant

Before we can add the 3rd Party IdP (Identity Provider) configuration in our Main IDM Tenant, we'll need to export the the IdP Metadata XML from our IDP IDM Tenant so that we can establish trust between our two IDM tenants.  The IdP Metadata XML informs our Main IDM Tenant how to send requests to our IDP IDM Tenant for authentication.

1. Access IdP Metadata from the IDP IDM Tenant

  1. Navigate to your IDP IDM Tenant Administrator Console tab.
    NOTE - Ensure you are navigating to your IDP IDM Tenant! The name will be "https://{tenantName}-idp.vidmpreview.com".
  2. Click Catalog.
  3. Click Settings.

1.1. Save the Identity Provider Metadata XML

  1. Click SAML Metadata.
  2. Right-click the Identity Provider (IdP) metadata link.
  3. Click Save link as...

1.2. Save the idp.xml File

  1. Click Downloads.
  2. Click Save.

1.3. Close App Catalog Settings

Back in your IDP IDM Tenant, click Close.


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