IDM Health Check API

To begin, let's make an unauthenticated API call to the VMware Identity Manager Health Check endpoint to request basic health information from the VMware Identity Manager instance.

1. VMware Identity Manager Health Check API

  1. Ensure GET is selected.
  2. Enter https://{your_tenant_name}/SAAS/API/1.0/REST/system/health for the Request URL.  
    NOTE: Remember to replace {your_tenant_name} with your IDM Tenant FQDN.
  3. Click Send.
  4. You may need to scroll down to view the API response details.
  5. Review the System Health  data returned by the API request.

The System Health endpoint does not require you to authenticate to make the request, which is why we did not have to enter any Authorization data in our header.  This concludes demonstrating how to make unauthenticated VMware Identity Manager  API requests.


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