Configure Directory Services

In the AirWatch Console,

  1. Click Groups & Settings.
  2. Click All Settings.

1. Override Directory Services

  1. Click System.
  2. Click Enterprise Integration.
  3. Click Directory Services.
  4. Click Override for Current Setting.

2. Configure Directory Services Manually

Click Skip wizard and configure manually.

3. Save Directory Services

You'll notice that all of the Directory Services settings are still configured from our parent configuration.  You won't need to make any additional configurations.  Since configuring Directory Services is not the focus on this module, we've taken steps to reduce the input needed to configure Directory Services at your organization group.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom.
  2. Click Test Connection.
  3. Ensure you receive the Connection successful with the given server name, bind user name, and password confirmation message.
  4. Click Save.

4. Close the Directory Services Settings

  1. Confirm the Saved Successfully prompt is shown.
  2. Click Close.


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