Migrate Application from SCCM to AirWatch

Next, we will review how how the generated CSV from the SCCM App Migration PowerShell script is utilized to transfer our desired application to AirWatch.

1. Launch the System Configuration Manager Console (IF NEEDED)

  1. Launch the System Configuration Manager Console from the taskbar.
  2. If the Configuration Manager dialog box appears, click OK.

2. Confirm the SCCM Applications Match the CSV Contents

  1. Click Software Library.
  2. Click Application Management.
  3. Click Applications.
  4. The list of applications in SCCM should match the list in the CSV file just reviewed.

NOTE - If you didn't complete Module 1, you will only see two applications: 7-Zip and Notepad Plus.

3. Modify CSV File to Select Application to Import

  1. Click the Notepad icon from the task bar.  This will return to the SCCM-Apps-Report.csv that we opened previously.
  2. Click Format.
  3. Click Word Wrap to enable wrapping.  If Word Wrap is already enabled, leave it enabled and continue to the next step.

3.1. Remove the Notepad++ Application from the CSV

Select all of the text for the NotePad++ Application as shown above and delete it.  Everything from the "Notepad Plus" text and beyond should be removed!

NOTE - If you have trouble finding the starting point, you can click Edit > Find and search for "Notepad Plus".

NOTE - You will not see the AirWatch Enrollment app in the list if you did not complete Module 1.

3.2. Confirm Notepad++ Application is Removed from the CSV

Confirm that your SCCM-Apps-Report.csv file is similar to the screenshot reference to ensure that the NotePad++ and AirWatch Enrollment (if Module 1 was completed) references are removed.  The LocationGroupId text should be the last element in your CSV file, which is the groupID value that you input into the PowerShell script earlier.

This will update the CSV file so that it only contains details for the 7-Zip application.  7-Zip is the only application we want to import as part of this lab.

3.3. Save the CSV

  1. Click File.
  2. Click Save.

The file is now updated so that 7-Zip will be the only imported application when we run the import process in an upcoming step.

4. Confirm Apps in SCCM are not Available in AirWatch

In the AirWatch Console,

  1. Click Apps & Books.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click Native.
  4. Click Internal.
  5. Verify that the apps listed in SCCM are not available in AirWatch.

5. Import 7-Zip into AirWatch via PowerShell Script

  1. Click the PowerShell icon from the task bar.
  2. For the Selection input, enter 2 and press Enter to run the Migrate Apps to AirWatch task.

5.1. Select the App CSV

  1. Select the "{date}-SCCM-Apps-Report.csv" option for the Select APP CSV to Export popup.
  2. Click OK.

This will tell the PowerShell script which CSV to utilize to determine which applications should be migrated to AirWatch.  This is the CSV file we generated from the PowerShell script earlier and then modified to only include 7-Zip in previous steps.

5.2. Confirm the Application Export was Successful

  1. You should see a confirmation that the 7-Zip application is being exported.  Wait for this process to complete before continuing.
  2. When the task finishes, enter 0 for the Selection input to close the script.

6. Refresh Application List in AirWatch

Return to the AirWatch Console.

  1. Click the Refresh icon.
  2. Confirm that 7-Zip has been uploaded to the AirWatch Console

7. Assign 7-zip

  1. Click the radio button next to the 7-Zip application to select it.
  2. Click Assign.

7.1. Add Assignment

Click Add Assignment.

7.2. Update App Assignment Details

  1. Select All Devices ([email protected]) for the Select Assignment Groups.
  2. Select Auto for the App Delivery Method.
  3. Click Add.

7.3. Save & Publish 7-Zip

Click Save & Publish.

7.4. Preview Assigned Devices & Publish

Click Publish.


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