In this module, you will migrate an application from SCCM to AirWatch using the Windows - SCCM App Migration Tool.

This module contains the following lessons:

  • Download and Run PowerShell Script
  • Migrate Application from SCCM to AirWatch

1. SCCM App Migration Tool Overview

To prevent you from re-packaging your apps, you can use the Windows - SCCM App Migration Tool to export most of your apps from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) to VMware AirWatch. In this module, you will leverage this script to dynamically pull over a sample app using Microsoft PowerShell and VMware AirWatch REST APIs.

The SCCM app migration open-sourced tool will prompt you to select a SCCM application for migration. It then parses through the deployment details of the application and pushes the application package to AirWatch. The script then maps all the deployment commands and settings over to the AirWatch application record.

MSIs are ported over as-is. Script deployments are ported over as ZIP folders with the correct execution commands to unpack and apply them.


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