In this module, you have installed the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, ran a batch import on serial numbers to AirWatch, and deployed the AirWatch SCCM Integration Client and VMware AirWatch Unified Agent to your device for auto enrollment.

Note: That the SCCM Integration Client is not required in some use-cases. It doesn’t hurt to always deploy this client to devices but for organizations who need to know the following describes when the SCCM Integration Client is mandatory:

SCCM Integration Client Mandatory - SCCM 1706 and below OR Windows 10 1703 and below    

SCCM Integration Client* (Optional) - SCCM 1710 and above AND Windows 10 1709 and above

*Both requirements must be met to not require the SCCM Integration Client. The SCCM Integration Client is still recommended to be deployed just in case a non-1709+ device enters into your environment.

Congratulations, Your devices are now managed by SCCM and VMware AirWatch!

For organizations wanting to completely transform and replace SCCM, the last step is to remove the ConfigMgr client from the Windows 10 device. You can leverage SCCM to uninstall the clients or leverage AirWatch to push a simple PowerShell script via a custom settings profile (as seen below) or deploy any custom script via Product Provisioning.

<wap-provisioningdoc id="c14e8e45-792c-4ec3-88e1-be121d8c33dc" name="customprofile">
   <characteristic type="com.airwatch.winrt.powershellcommand" uuid="7957d046-7765-4422-9e39-6fd5eef38174">
 <parm name="PowershellCommand" value="Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {C:\windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall}"/>


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