Troubleshooting – Software Distribution

Important Resources

  1. The GPO package is uploaded as an app that will be published via Software Distribution. For more details and troubleshooting tips, reference these helpful guides:

App Package Fails to Deploy or Fails to Install

  1. Check the Troubleshooting logs for the Device within the AirWatch Console under Devices > List View > [Select target Device] > More  > Troubleshooting.
    1. Deployment attempts and results are logged here, so check the logs and locate any events related to deploying/installing the GPO application.
  2. On the target device, run regedit (Click Windows button > search regedit) and review the registries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > AirWatchMDM > AppDeploymentAgent.
    1. Check the Queue path and see if any processes appear.  If so, check the LastDeploymentLog and LastStatusCode for more details.
    2. Check the S-1-5-18 path and see if any processes appear.  If so, check the LastDeployment Log and LastStatusCode for more details.
    3. has a section titled Registry Success and Error Codes that can help troubleshoot based on the codes provided here.
  3. In Explorer, navigate to %programdata%/AirWatchMDM/AppDeploymentCache/.  Find the folder with the App Manifest ID and open it.
    1. Ensure that the .zip folder (should be named the same as the app uploaded to the AirWatch Console) is present and that the contents are extracted.
      1. Ensure DeployPackage.ps1 exists.
      2. Ensure LGPOConfirmPackageInstall.ps1 exists.
    2. If the app did not download, you can attempt to re-push the application from Console or restart the Task Schedulers.
      1. Open WindowsTask Scheduler and navigate to Task Scheduler Library > VMware > AirWatch.
      2. Select both tasks (Install Validation Task and Software Distribution Queue Task), right-click and select End. Then select both tasks, right-click and select Start.
      3. Back in Regedit, delete all the paths under the AppDeploymentAgent path in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > AirWatchMDM.
      4. Send the Install command to the device again from the AirWatch Console by navigating to Devices > List View > [Select Target Device] > Apps > Select App > Install.


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