Migrating device management from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to VMware AirWatch should be a frictionless process to allow organizations to transition to modern management at their own speed. The SCCM Migration lab will walk you through migrating devices with user mappings to VMware AirWatch to bridge the connection from Microsoft SCCM to VMware AirWatch and begin transitioning (co-managing) or transforming (replacing) to modern management. In the next modules, you begin to migrate workloads (apps and Group Policies) over to VMware AirWatch using an open-source toolkit, a collection of scripts/tools, to assist with migrating these workloads.

The following modules are covered in this lab.

Module 1 - Migrate Devices and Users to VMware AirWatch

Module 2 - Microsoft SCCM App Migration to VMware AirWatch

Module 3 - VMware AirWatch GPO Migration Tool

Each module is independent, so you can choose any module and proceed through the lab.


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