Import VM from Azure Marketplace

Log In to Horizon Cloud

1. Open a web browser in private or incognito browsing mode.

3. Log in using the My VMware credentials provided in the Student Data section Worksheet.

Log In with Active Directory Credentials

1. When prompted, log on using domain credentials provided in the Student Data Worksheet.

1. Select Inventory.

2. Select Imported VMs.

Import New VM

1. Select Import.

Import from Marketplace

1. Select the Marketplace option.

Complete Desktop Information

1. Details from your Node should be pre-populated in the form.

2. Enable Public IP Address.

Complete Credentials and Properties Forms

1. Enter the Admin Credentials for the Desktop from the Student Data Worksheet.

2. Enter a name for the VM.

3. Select Advanced Options and review the settings. Leave the defaults.

4. Select Import.

Expect ~10-minute delay while the template is deployed and configured.

Periodically refresh the page to verify the status of the import operation.

Import VM from Azure Marketplace


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