Configure AirWatch Components

You should have received an email from [email protected] when you enrolled in this workshop that includes the ports and hostname you wil use to configure the VMware Tunnel and Content Gateway Components in the console for this lab.

If you did not receive an email, please notify the lab administrator or email [email protected] to get the email resent to you. The hostname & ports are reserved for you during the time this workshop is active in order to Test Connection or enroll your device and connect.

Configure Per App Tunnel Settings

Go to Groups & Settings

Click All Settings

Open VMware Tunnel > Configuration Settings

Deployment Mode

Set Per App Tunnel to Enabled

Select Basic from the drop down menu

Click Next

SSL Certificate

Select Certificate

SSL Password

Enter "AirWatch" in Certificate Password field

Click Save

Click Next

Device Certificate



Ensure settings are configured correctly.
Double check the port corresponds to 1 of the 2 ports sent in email.

Click Save.

Enable Content Gateway

Click the Content Section

Click Content Gateway

Change radio button to Override

Set Enable the Content Gateway to Enabled

Click (+) Add

Configure Content Gateway Settings

Select Linux from the Platform dropdown menu

Select Basic Configuration Type

Enter text for the Name

Enter the Content Gateway address using https:// and the hostname sent via email

Enter the custom port sent via email in the Port field

Click Upload to add the Public SSL Certificate

Select SSL Certificate

Go to C:\AW Tools\


Click Select

Enter "AirWatch" for the password

Click Save


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