Device Enrollment with Android Enterprise (Work Managed) Identifier Enrollment

In this section, we will be enrolling your device with AirWatch and get it set up with Android Enterprise on the Work Managed mode.

The AirWatch Identifier enrollment method is a simplified approach to enrolling Work Managed devices. You will enter a simple identifier, or hash value, on a factory reset device. After the identifier is entered, the enrollment is automated pushing down the AirWatch Agent.

1. Find your Group ID from AirWatch Console

Finding your Group ID

The first step is to make sure you know what your Organization Group ID is.  

  1. To find the Group ID, hover your mouse over the Organization Group tab at the top of the screen. Look for the email address you used to log in to the lab portal.
  2. Your Group ID is displayed at the bottom of the Organization Group pop up.

NOTE - The Group ID is required when enrolling your device in the following steps.

2. Please Read - Before you proceed with Work Managed Identifier Enrollment

WARNING - Module 2 requires that your Device must be in Out of Box mode after a Factory Reset.  Please DO NOT factory reset your personal device to take this lab. Refer to the the help desk to acquire a device that is already factory reset and ready to enroll into Work Managed mode. Only use devices from help desk to enroll into Work Managed mode.

NOTE - Screenshots may differ due to differences in device models and operating system versions.

3. Out of Box Enrollment

Turn on your device from a factory reset state and tap Start.

3.1. Connect to WiFi

  1. Tap to connect to the appropriate WiFi network based on your location.
  2. Tap Next after connecting to WiFi.

3.2. Review the Terms and Conditions

Tap Next.

3.3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Tap Agree.

3.4. Enter the AirWatch Identifier

Enter "afw#airwatch" into the Email or Phone field.  This will automatically download the AirWatch Agent for you.

3.5. Review and Configure Google Services

  1. Review and configure the Google Services as desired and then scroll down to the bottom.
  2. Tap Next.

3.6. Install the AirWatch Agent

Tap Install.

3.7. Confirm AirWatch Agent Special Access and Install

Confirm the special access required by the AirWatch Agent and tap Install.

4. Enter AirWatch Server Details for Enrollment

Select AirWatch MDM Agent Authentication Method

Once the Agent has launched you can enroll the device.  To do so, you must first select the AirWatch authentication method.

Tap Server Details

4.1. Attach the AirWatch MDM Agent to the HOL Sandbox

Attach the AirWatch MDM Agent to the HOL Sandbox

After selecting the Server authentication method, you need to supply the information to authenticate.  To do so, follow the below steps.

  1. Enter "" for the Server field.
  2. Enter your Group ID for the Group ID field.  This was noted previously in the Finding your Group ID step.
  3. Tap Continue.

4.2. Allow Agent to Manage Phone Calls (IF NEEDED)

If prompted, tap Allow when the Agent requests permission to make and manage phone calls.  Otherwise, continue to the next step.

4.3. Authenticate the AirWatch MDM Agent

Authenticate the AirWatch MDM Agent
  1. Enter "testuser" for the Username field.
  2. Enter "VMware1!" for the Password field.
  3. Tap Continue.

5. Encrypt Device

Tap Encrypt.

5.1. Review Encryption Requirements

Tap Encrypt Device.

5.2. Confirm and Begin Encryption

  1. If you are taking the Hands on Lab with a provided device, please tap to enable Fast Encryption to reduce the time required to encrypt the device.
  2. Tap Encrypt Device to confirm and continue.

The device will begin encrypting and will restart as part of this process.  Continue to the next step once the device has finished encrypting and restarts.

6. Complete Enrollment

Once the device restarts, you should see the Terms and Conditions for Android Enterprise.

Tap Agree.

6.1. Set Up Android Enterprise

Set Up Android for work


NOTE - This may take some time, please be patient while the Setup process completes.

6.2. Administrator Rights

Administrator Rights
  1. Tap I consent to agree to the administrator rights terms.
  2. Tap OK to confirm the Privacy Policy.

NOTE - Enrollment time may vary depending on your network connectivity. Typically, it takes around 1 minute to complete.  Please be patient while this process completes.

IMPORTANT - During the enrollment process, you will see several processing screens.  Please note that you do not need to interact with the device further until you see the AirWatch Agent app confirming your enrollment (next page).

6.3. Wait for Device Connectivity (IF NEEDED)

If you see a Connectivity Issue notification, the device may be taking several minutes to establish a connection to Google Cloud Messaging.  Please wait until you see the Connectivity Issue notification change to Connectivity Normal before continuing.

NOTE - If you do not see any Connectivity Issue notifications, please continue to the next step.

6.4. Confirm Device Enrollment

Confirm Device Enrollment

You have now completed the AirWatch MDM Agent configuration wizard.  After the enrollment process completes, the AirWatch Agent will display the notification Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device.

You can now Exit the AirWatch Agent.


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