Lab Guidance

The AirWatch Introduction to Basic MDM and Console Custimization lab is designed to give you an introduction to many of the features of AirWatch Mobile Device Management and Administration. Each Module can be taken independently or you can start at the beginning and work your way through each module in sequence. In most cases, a unique "sandbox" instance of AirWatch will be created just for you when you begin a Module. When the Module has ended, this sandbox will be deleted and the device that you are enrolling in the lab will be returned to the state that it was in prior to the lab. The approximate time it will take to go through all the modules is around 2.5 hours.

Several of the Modules require connection to a sample company's network. For these modules a sample company has been created for you to use. There are several components of AirWatch that have been pre-installed in this environment. The Modules that use this feature will not cover how to setup these components, only how to configure and use them.

Disclaimer: If you are using a personal device please ensure that your device is not already under management by an MDM or EMM provider. By design, only one MDM provider may control a device at a time. If a loaner device is unavailable you would need to un-enroll from your current MDM to use your device in this lab.

Lab Module List:

  • Module 1 - Basic Enrollment and MDM Setup - Beginner (30 minutes)
  • Module 2 - Basic Apple Mac OS X Management - Beginner (30 minutes)
  • Module 3 - Basic Apple iOS Management - Beginner (30 minutes)
  • Module 4 - Branding the AirWatch Console, SSP and SCL - Beginner (30 minutes)
  • Module 5 - Configuring AirWatch Administrator Roles - Beginner (30 minutes)

Lab Captains: Roger Deane, Jeff Harris

This lab manual can be downloaded from the Hands-on Labs Document site found here:

This lab may be available in other languages.  To set your language preference and have a localized manual deployed with your lab, you may utilize this document to help guide you through the process:

Device Reminder

Device Reminder

For event attendees there may be devices such as iPads available for check out and use with this lab.  Please check with your lab captains, proctors, or session instructors if you do not have one and wish to use one.

As a reminder, if you are using your own device, please ensure you have reviewed the legal disclaimers to this lab!

Modular Lab

Modular Lab

For your convenience this lab has been designed to be modular and you can skip to any Module as you would like. Please note, in each Module, certain tasks are repeated in the steps to achieve this modularity. In most cases it is noted that you can skip a step if you've completed other Modules.

If you wish to jump around, please feel free to select the Table of Contents button and jump to the module of your choice.