Win32 App Overview

AirWatch can deploy Win32 applications from the Apps & Books section so that you can use the application life cycle flow that exists for all internal applications. This feature is called software distribution.

As an extension of the software distribution feature, AirWatch uses App Volumes utilities and tools included in a technical preview feature that also deploys Win32 applications. This feature offers reduced packaging complexity and consistent installations. For more information, you can jump to the Intro to AppStacks Module.

Internal Application Life Cycle for Win32 Apps

Internal Application Life Cycle for Win32 Apps

In this Module we will leverage the life cycle of internal applications to manage the deployment of our Win32 applications.

  1. Upload - Add the Win32 application and define if it is a dependency file.
  2. Configure, Assign, Deploy - Enter details for the Win32 application, add supporting files, enter deployment criteria, and assign to devices.
  3. Inventory - Track the installation progress of Win32 applications.
  4. Version - Add full versions of Win32 applications and patches to update them.
  5. Delete - Delete applications with several options.