Un-enrolling Your Device

You are now going to un-enroll the Windows 10 device from AirWatch.

NOTE: The term "Enterprise Wipe" does not mean reset or completely wipe your device. This only removes the MDM Profiles, Policies, and content that were installed during enrollment.

1. Enterprise Wipe (un-enroll) your Device

Enterprise Wipe will remove all the settings and content  that were pushed to the device when it was enrolled.   It will not affect anything that was on the device prior to enrollment.

To Enterprise Wipe your device you will first bring up the AirWatch Console in a web browser. You may need to re-authenticate with your credentials (VLP registered email address and "VMware1!" as the password).

  1. Click on "Devices" in the left column then on
  2. Click on "List View" near the top of the second column (NOTE: Not under any of the sub menus in the second column).
  3. Click on the checkbox next to the testuser device to select the device.

NOTE:  Your Device Friendly Name will very likely be different than what is shown. It will, however, be in the same location as shown on image in this step.

2. Find the Enterprise Wipe Option

Find the Enterprise Wipe Option
  1. Click on the “More” drop down.
  2. Click on “Enterprise Wipe” under the "Management" menu.

3. Enter your security PIN.

Enter your security PIN.

After selecting "Enterprise Wipe" you will be prompted to enter your Security PIN which you set after you logged into the console.   Note, on the screen you will see a check box to "Prevent Re-Enrollment".   Do NOT check this check box.

  1. Enter your PIN in the boxes.   You will not need to press enter or continue, the console will confirm your PIN showing "Successful" and then pop up the window showing that an Enterprise Wipe has been requested.
  2. Click "OK" on the popup.